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One of Cape Town’s biggest electronic exports, DEAN FUEL is part of South Africa’s DJ super-elite:
boasting a stratospheric career underpinned by intuitive performances that
inspire, connect & ignite dancefloors around him.

With roots as a vinyl DJ, he has rocked the top festivals and underground clubs all across Africa and beyond for the past 16 years,
embracing his passion for electronic music, making it into a life long pursuit!

Instinctive and versatile, Dean adds ‘fuel’ to dance floor fire every time!
His distinctive intercontinental fusion of genres has travelled the world:
from Cape Town through to far-off destinations including Dubai, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Collaborative releases on various international labels plus top selling DJ mixes allowed a rapid ascension into the highest ranks of his home country
– where he continues to break new ground, shaping the scene he loves.



As host of this series of exclusive podcast shows,
DEAN FUEL continues to push the world’s best House, Techno, and Progressive music
from Cape Town to the rest of the globe!

Follow, subscribe, tune in, and lock on to each new episode
choosing your selection of favorite platforms below
… and Let’s Go Dancing!

Lets Go Dancing – 008

Lets Go Dancing – 007

Lets Go Dancing – 006

Lets Go Dancing – 005

Lets Go Dancing – 004

Lets Go Dancing – 003

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