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About Dean Fuel

DEAN FUEL is a highly esteemed member of South Africa’s DJ community, renowned for his exceptional performances that ignite dancefloors and foster connections with audiences. Having begun his career as a vinyl DJ, DEAN FUEL has since gone on to captivate crowds at top festivals and underground clubs across Africa and beyond for the past 16 years. His unwavering passion for electronic music has propelled him to become one of Cape Town’s most prominent exports, earning him a reputation as a dynamic and versatile artist who consistently adds energy to any dance floor.

DEAN FUEL’s distinct fusion of genres has taken him on a journey across the world, from Cape Town to far-flung destinations such as Dubai, Hong Kong, and Macau. He has collaborated with various international labels, releasing successful DJ mixes that have propelled him to the highest ranks of South Africa’s music scene. DEAN FUEL continues to break new ground and shape the industry he loves, making electronic music a lifelong pursuit.

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